What to Expect

Before Treatment

Dr. Manasco will perform a full diagnostic evaluation to locate the source of pain and determine if endodontic therapy is needed. He will answer your questions and address any concerns. If possible, endodontic treatment may be performed during your initial appointment. Depending upon the presence and severity of infection or the complexity of the treatment plan, you may be prescribed antibiotics or other medications and an appointment will be scheduled at a later date for endodontic treatment.

If you are required by your doctor or dentist to begin antibiotic treatment before a dental procedure due to hip, knee or cardiac valve replacement, or for any other condition, please take your prescribed antibiotic before you arrive at Eastern Shore Endodontics. Continue to take prescribed medications for blood pressure, diabetes or any other conditions according to your regular dosing schedule. Eat a regular breakfast or lunch, whichever is applicable. Be sure to make Dr. Manasco and his staff aware of any blood thinners, such as Coumadin or Plavix, that you are taking.

Research has shown that taking two ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), or a total of 400 mg, one to two hours before an endodontic procedure can reduce inflammation during treatment.

During Treatment

You will receive local anesthesia for your root canal treatment. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is also available at an additional charge. Dr. Manasco and his staff will do everything possible to ensure that you are comfortable and experience no pain during the procedure. Flat screen televisions are provided in each of our treatment rooms to increase your comfort level.

After Treatment

You may experience some discomfort around the treated tooth and gum tissue, especially when biting. This will generally last three to four days, improving each day. It is important that you do not chew on a treated tooth until it has had a permanent restoration (crown) placed by your dentist. Your tooth is slightly weaker and more prone to fracture until it is protected by a crown. Your tooth may continue to feel different from your other teeth for several days or weeks. However, if you experience swelling inside or outside the mouth or discomfort requiring pain medication beyond the normal three to four day period, please call our office. There is no charge for a re-check if you continue to feel discomfort. Our phone is answered 24 hours and you can follow the answering service instructions to contact Dr. Manasco or another doctor on call. Please have your pharmacy number available if you call after office hours.