Root canal treatment
The goal of endodontic treatment is to preserve the tooth if at all possible by removing diseased or damaged pulpy tissue inside the tooth. Dr. Manasco will utilize an operating microscope to view the tissue and he will clean and shape the inside of the tooth. He will then replace removed damaged tissue with a biocompatible substance designed to prevent further damage and seal the tooth. Once the root canal procedure is finished, he will show you digital “before” and “after” images of the affected tooth, describe what he encountered during the procedure and discuss what you can anticipate in the future regarding the affected tooth.

Retreat failing root canals
Occasionally even a tooth that initially responded well to root canal treatment can begin to fail for a number of reasons – it may heal improperly, be painful, or become infected due to a crack in the tooth, filling or crown. Even when an initial root canal fails, the tooth may be a candidate for retreatment. After opening the tooth and utilizing an operating microscope to diagnose the cause of the problem, Dr. Manasco will clean, shape and fill the inside of the tooth.

Remove separated instruments and posts
During an endodontic procedure, the instrument used to drill into the root space may separate. This may mean that a piece of the instrument must remain in the root area, spaces may be created that do not receive cleaning and filling, or too much pulpy material may be removed. Dr. Manasco can retrieve the instrument pieces left behind and continue the root canal process to clean and fill the inside of the tooth.

Repair perforations
A perforation or hole can occur in a tooth or root accidentally, naturally or as a result of root canal therapy preparation. Dr. Manasco will repair the perforation and complete the root canal procedure on the tooth.

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